Shapes Worksheets (2D)

Categories: Geometric Shapes

Free printable basic 2d shapes worksheets for kindergarten. All these shape worksheets can be downloaded in PDF format. Use these printable activities to teach basic shapes to kids.

Click on the image to open worksheet page and download PDF.

1. Match the shapes with real life objects.

Shapes Matching Worksheet

Match The Shapes With Objects Worksheet

2. Match shapes with their names and trace the shapes.

Match Shapes With Names

Match Shapes With Names Worksheet

3. Match the shapes.

Match The Shapes Worksheet

Match The Shapes Worksheet

4. Trace the shapes. This free shapes tracing worksheet will help your kids practice fine motor skills.

Shapes Tracing Worksheet

Shapes Tracing Worksheet

5. Shapes & Colors. Coloring shapes worksheet. Identify and color basic shapes.

Identifying Shapes Worksheet

Identify and Color Shapes Worksheet

Use our printable Shapes & their names for kids.

Categories: Geometric Shapes